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Mar 14, 2011 12:00pm EDT
professor seth stein of northwestern university. >> this was much bigger than we expected to see on that part of the what's call the the japan trench. and one of the things we've been learning everything since 2004 was we used, before 2004 we thought we knew which piece of sub duction zones could have these really big earthquakes. the sumatra earthquake and now this one, what the earth often does, we learn to be pretty humble in the face of the complexities of the earth. the earth has the ability to surprise us. i think none of us expected that anything this big would happen there. >> rose: we continue with the president of georgia, talking about his relationship with russia and the events of 2008. >> america's main value for peoples like us, and there are many of us out there, right s that america, besides having power or economic leverage, it's also an idea t is a much bigger than than just another country. that is what makes america so strong. there is more freedomses it there in the world, it's much more pragmatic. and that's, i think there is nothing that can stop freedom. it's
Mar 24, 2011 12:30pm EDT
affect other players. seth curry and up drive and nolen smith have developed an ego on this particular team and that changes with him back. it change your minutes, may change your role a little bit. but i think the truth is, there's no risks to irving from a health standpoint. he's fine to play but there is risk to the team's chemistry. but i don't think they do win a national championship weight irving. i think they could get to a final four but without him i don't think they're as strong as kansas or ohio state. >> charlie: that would be a great game. >> ohio is better but kentucky has great talent and going into the game -- kentucky is not there very often. they have played outstanding basketball over the last month. they hit 61% against george mason. george mason, they're not a bad team, they're a good team. and the truth is owe hypo state made them look like a bad team. they were magnificent. ohio state's got everything you want in a basketball team. they've got balance and a big guy and a guard as a freshman is good as an on ball defender as you're going to find in the country. t
Mar 4, 2011 12:00pm EST
day, we can make independent films. tavis: you done that? >> yeah. if you look at somebody like seth roguean and most of the young people in the business now, look at matt damon. what they did with quoot good will hunting." there is no reason they should be able to get a script and robin williams and for the price point and win an academy award. my thing is this. let's be smart about our business. we can definitely make a $2 million dollar movie or a $45 million dollar movie. you can't look -- or a $5 million dollar movie. you can't say i want to make all of my money now. i'll do "half nelson" for $35 a day because i know in the long run that is going to pay off and i know that is a movie that needs to be made. i know desert flower is a story that needs to be told. tavis: those are real numbers? >> those are real numbers, dude. that's why i feel like we're being lazy and greedy. if we don't make those movies and tell our stories, we cannot expect someone to tell those stories for us. tavis: although he got some credit for doing colored girls, a lot of criticism has been leveled at ty
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3